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Having conducted a combined total of 3000 accident investigations, while a law enforcement officer in the 5th largest city of the U.S. and as President of Regional Investigations, Inc. It is my firm belief that anyone involved in an accident should have an independent investigation conducted whether it is a Class "A" accident involving fatal injuries Class "B" accident involving incapacitating injuries Class "C" accident reported or attended by the police. Injuries, no matter how slight, sustained during a vehicle impact with another vehicle or object can be long lasting and show up years later causing health problems.
As an experienced independent accident investigator, our course of action has changed the outcome of many court and civil proceedings. It is imperative that the victim or victims family THINK, before acting.
Traffic accident information can be divided into two major categories

  • Those who want minimum basic information about all or most of the accident.
  • Those who want a detailed information about a single accident.

At the least, a thorough and concise photo/video record should be made of the vehicles and accident scene. Witnesses should be interviewed as soon as possible with signed statements and or authorized taped interviews made.
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All information is strictly confidential.

All Regional Investigators are trained and experienced in conducting domestic investigations. These are very special investigations which require the best surveillance techniques and video photography. Regional Investigations, Inc. will work with all clients who have a special need to discover what is alleged to be occurring. The report will reflect what is occurring. The consequence of a domestic situation can affect the rest of your life, so it is to your advantage to retain an investigative agency that possesses the best legal investigative techniques.

We use surveillance, video, photographs in a diligent attempt to discover the circumstances involving your children. All Regional Investigations, Inc. clients can be assured that a discrete and comprehensive investigation will be conducted. Children are our most precious assets and their welfare is our priority.

Regional Investigations, Inc. will conduct a thorough asset search investigation concerning the financial aspects of your Domestic or Civil cases. Regional investigators are trained to legally acquire all specific information concerning all assets. We have a track record for finding the "hidden assets". Knowledge is power.

If you have been injured in a vehicle accident, in a business location, work location, by a defective product, at a construction site, public transportation or physically assaulted in any way, Regional Investigations, Inc. can help. We will conduct an investigation that could reveal persons that have witnessed the injury and identify those who are liable. A serious injury could affect you for the rest of your life and our trained investigators will leave no stone unturned to assist you in your legal action.

"Serving the areas of SOUTH CAROLINA in HORRY and GEORGETOWN counties and NORTH CAROLINA in the NEW HANOVER and BRUNSWICK counties.

In the United States of America, everyone deserves the best defense. Regional Investigations, Inc. has trained investigators who have worked on many different criminal cases, such as MURDER, RAPE, ASSAULT, KIDNAPPING, BURGLARY, THEFT, PROSTITUTION and DRUG RELATED cases. Your future depends on the best defense investigation for the alleged crime with which you have been charged.

The use of alcohol or drugs while driving is a very serious offense. Being charged with this offense can affect your future and your livelihood. As with other Criminal Defense investigations, Regional Investigations, Inc. has been trained to conduct an intense investigation into the circumstances of your arrest.

About Us

President Regional Investigations, Inc.

Gerald "Jerry" J. Rounbehler

Gerald “Jerry” Rounbehler has over 37 years of investigative experience both law enforcement and private investigative. He is a South Carolina Law Enforcement Division “Certified” Regulatory Services approved trainer. He has worked covert, mobile and undercover surveillances. His motto is “live the investigation, perform the service, always place the client first; then report, answering Who, What, When, Where and sometimes, Why and How”. He is now the President of Regional Investigations, Inc., and both manages and investigates with a staff of service oriented and excellent private investigators, both male and female. He is available to consult with 24 hours a day.

Vice President of Regional Investigations, Inc.

Barbara J. Rounbehler

Barbara has over 16 years of investigative experience and became involved with private investigative work, utilizing all her skills and abilities to fulfill her obligations to all her clients. Barbara has attended and continues to attend training seminars in the field of investigative work, specializing in Domestic and Child Custody case investigations.

Contact us about other type investigations – we will help in any way we can. We do not counsel or give legal information. SEE OUR VIDEO

Free Consultation For Clients

All of the important factors are considered when utilizing our investigators. It is important to have ongoing support and dialog throughout the investigation. We do not assign an investigator on any case prior to knowing the proper strategy. Please contact us on the form below and hit Submit Button.


Regional gets results

Regional gets results

ALL investigations are with fully licensed investigators.We DO NOT sub-out any of our client’s investigations.

Client can call 24/7

Client can call 24/7

Open communication is required- no matter how unimportant– this could change the course of events.

Covert Surveillance Equipment

Covert Surveillance Equipment

We have a full range of high tech covert surveillance equipment.

Regional gets results

Regional gets results

We have over 37 years of Law Enforcement and Private Investigative experience in various undercover work.